Kachanova T.L., Fomin B.F. Technology of system reconstructions

Kachanova T.L., Fomin B.F. Technology of system reconstructionsKachanova T.L., Fomin B.F. Technology of system reconstructions. Publishing Centre “Politechnika”, St. Petersburg, 2003. – 146 p. (In: Problems of innovation development, issue 2). ISBN 5-7325-0772-8, (in Russian).


Technology of System Reconstructions creates the scientific base of solving system problems. The technology finds the fundamental invariants of complex systems, discloses the regularities of systemogenesis, identifies the base interactions and creates the models of behavior and states' models of systems, herewith using only their empirical descriptions.

This book is intended for the specialists involved in solving large-scale problems, and also for the students, post-graduate students and teachers of universities, who are interested in the theoretical and applied questions of system analysis.

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