Technology of system modeling

Technology of system modelingTechnology of system modeling / Avramchuk E.F., Emelyanov S.V., Vavilov A.A. et al., Ed. by Emelyanov S.V. Mashinostroenie, Moscow, Verlag-Technik, Berlin, 1988. – 520 p. ISBN 5-217-00150-X. (in Russian).


The book written by an international group of specialists from the People's Republic of Hungary, East Germany and Soviet Union, is devoted to the questions of both theory and practice of system modeling. The basic attention is given to the actual problems of technology development of system modeling. The integrated solution of methodological and mathematic tasks arising from the different stages of model construction is offered. For the classes of complex systems widespread in practice the solution of the tasks of creating software and its application is proposed. The questions of efficiency enhancement in the modeling software, problem orientation in compliance with the modeling tools, and organization of simulation experiments are highlighted.

This book is intended for the technical staff dealing with the questions of system modeling in different branches of national economy.