Kachanova T.L., Fomin B.F. Meta-technology of system reconstructions

Kachanova T.L., Fomin B.F. Meta-technology of system reconstructionsKachanova T.L., Fomin B.F. Meta-technology of system reconstructions. ETU (“LETI”) Publishing Center, St. Petersburg, 2002. – 336 p. ISBN 5-7629-0439-3, (in Russian).


Systemology of the phenomenal world investigates the world of complex open systems, discovers the senses and forms of systemogenesis, creates the representations possessing qualitative and semantic nature, about essence of system phenomenon and forms the domain of scientific system knowledge. Meta-technology of system reconstructions is the constructive embodiment of systemology of the phenomenal world. It is based on an empirical description of the system, generates the expressive forms of an essence of system phenomenon, which are embodied in signed images, portrait images and interpreted descriptions, executes the reduction of complex (the multi-qualitative) to simple (the one-qualitative) and rebuilds and proves the system's concept through reconstructions of its unity and integrity. Meta-technology of system reconstructions in its concrete, subject content and acting is addressing to the complex system problems of medicine and biology.