Fedoseev G.B. Bronchial obstruction mechanisms

Fedoseev G.B. Bronchial obstruction mechanismsFedoseev G.B. Bronchial obstruction mechanisms. Medical information agency, St.Petersburg. 1995. 336 p. ISBN 5-85169-073-4, (in Russian).


In this monograph the formation mechanisms of bronchial obstruction are reviewed from the viewpoint of system analysis; importance of the mechanisms for understanding the pathogenesis of broncho-pulmonary pathology is demonstrated, especially with bronchial obstruction syndrome. On the base of strictly individual combinations of mechanisms forming the bronchial obstruction on sub-cellular, cellular, organic and organismic level the approaches to effective development of methods for diagnostics and treatment of respiratory system diseases are defined.

This is intended for allergists, therapeutists, physiologists and pathophysiologists.